MEPs are committed to a mercury-free Europe!

On Wednesday 10 April, MEPs adopted by a large majority the trialogue agreement on the regulation banning mercury in Europe, presented by the European Commission in July 2023.

No one can ignore today the fact that mercury is a dangerous substance for the health of Europeans. Ingested mercury causes major neurological development problems in babies exposed in utero. If inhaled or ingested, it is also harmful to the digestive and immune systems, vision, lungs and kidneys, and can cause tremors, memory loss and insomnia. These clearly identified health consequences should encourage us more than ever to make a quick transition to a mercury-free economy, a mercury-free Europe.

This is why the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, in line with the European Commission's proposal, have reached an ambitious position following the negotiations to:

  • Confirm the ban on the use and export of mercury-containing dental amalgams from January 2025;
  • Create a derogation until June 2026 for Member States that need time to adapt their legislation and to mitigate the impact on people on low incomes;
  • Ban the import and manufacture of mercury dental amalgams from the EU from June 2026;
  • Ban the manufacture and export of six mercury-containing lamps from January 2027.
"This is a huge victory for the health of European citizens. The disastrous health consequences of mercury can no longer be ignored. This is a real public health issue. The majority of Member States no longer use mercury in dental amalgams and are giving preference to alternatives that are safer for health and less polluting for our environment. This report is a matter of common sense", says Catherine Amalric, Renew Europe rapporteur on the mercury regulation.